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4D Pharmacy Management Systems Inc.
Contact: Doug Burgoyne, PharmD
Phone: 801 365 0290
Email: dburgoyne@myvrx.com
4190 South Highland Drive Suite 250 Salt Lake City, UT 84124

VRx Pharmacy Services, also known simply as VRx, was founded to provide health plans and self-insured employers with unique solutions to challenges not otherwise satisfied by current processes. Our parent company, Veridicus Holding Company, is grounded by the Latin meaning of its name – Speaking Truth. This is not just our namesake, but our mission as well.   VRx serves health plan and employer clients with an in-house strategy that leverages traditional commodity PBM functions such as claims processing and mail service pharmacy. VRx uses a true-cost model of prescription drug pricing that eliminates the traditional spread model. What this means is that our clients pay the same price that is contracted with the pharmacy network. As a transparent partner VRx is able to align goals with each customer. We offer innovative benefit and administrative strategies that provide financial and benefit value to each Plan and their participants at the lowest cost.

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